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  • Are you selling silver bullion?
    Silver comes in small batches and sells pretty fast so pay attention whenever I announce the arrival of new silver.
  • Why do my bars have rough spots or holes?
    At Veritas Metals, we pride ourselves in producing "Old World" style bars and rounds. Each peice is hand poured and unique in its own way. With that said take caution when handling bars and rounds as there may be slightly sharp edges from time to time. These collectable peices are meant to appear as if they have been around for centuries. The rough spots or holes you may find, tell a story from times of distress, battles, or resurgence. Use them to tell your story.
  • How do I keep my bullion looking new?
    All metals will oxidize over time if exposed to oxygen and the environment. Here are some tips to keeping your metal looking shiny. For copper: Use 1 cup of white vinegar or lemon juice and 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt. in a spray bottle, spray the acidic solution onto your copper. Rub your copper with salt and work it all around. You will instantly see your copper brighten up. Wipe down with a dry paper towel and admire the hell out of it. For silver: You might find good advice here.
  • Why are your prices higher than the big name companies
    Sometimes we will be higher priced and sometimes we might be pretty equivalent to the big name companies. The product we sell is hand crafted, hand poured metal art. Each piece is unique in its own way and takes a tremendous amount of time, pride and passion to create. Sometimes you will pay more to have awesome silver badassery in your collection. I try to keep my prices competitive but also have to make a profit to purchase more silver badassery.
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