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Truth + Pride + Passion + Dedication + Hard Work

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About us

  Precious metals have been here since the beginning of time and have been regarded to have high economic value. Historically, they were used by the ancient Egyptians by smelting gold. Coins were first developed by King Croesus of Lydia using a natural alloy of gold and silver. Romans were the first to use gold monetarily. Over centuries precious metals have maintained their value and continue to gain value and significance. Currently these same precious metals are sought after for investment and industrial purposes. They will continue to have value and are critical to our economic wealth.

    Veritas, meaning truth in Latin describes the company’s ideologies in that true and honest hard work is the only way to achieve satisfaction. Veritas Metals seeks to continue the art of melting metals in fired kilns. We create bars and coins that not only contain value, but are a fun, artistic way of adding to your collection. Each collectable piece is handcrafted with pride and unique. The goal is to create an "Old World, buried and recovered treasure" look. Our product is 100 percent American made and will continue to be a symbol of that dedication and hard work 🏴




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